Can we go back?

hot chocolate

Can we go back
To hot chocolate in the hotel diner in a snow storm
To crepes in a sweet little restaurant in Old Quebec
To cozy nights snuggled up on the couch watching some dumb movie
Can we just go back
To chasing our new puppy down the street at a winter festival
To sledding down the hill so fast knocking everything out of our way
To eating brunch at Luna after Sunday mass
Can we please turn back time
To winters that weren’t that cold
Where love warmed our hearts enough to stay toasty on a freezing day
Hot chocolate instead of coffee
Crepes instead of Ravioli
Movies instead of studying
Chasing puppies instead of loneliness
Sleds instead of buses
Brunch after mass instead of vodka after exams
Times were simpler
Food was tastier
Nights were sleepier
Oh what I would do to go back to when time was valued to its fullest

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