The Education Spell




Says the teacher

“Welcome to school, a place of education, growth and success

I’ll just need a small exchange of an arm, leg and your next 12 paychecks

Says the teacher

But in return, you will become the next Bill Gates or Albert Einstein

Or Michelangelo

I promise”

Says the teacher

“Everybody needs an education

It is the only way you will ever achieve anything in the future

Unless you want to live on the streets

It’s up to you”

Says the teacher

“I can tell you are smart

We can use you here

You deserve to be here

Let me help you

Let me help you start the greatest journey of your life”

Says the teacher

I agree

“Great, now that you’re signed, I will also be needing your next mortgage payment, every piece of valuable jewelry you own, your next child, your vehicle and your soul

But trust me

Every great person has started from the bottom”

Says the teacher



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